Post Covid-19 Exhibition

Creative responses to a post covid world –  can we envisage something better than we had before? Is Covid-19 the problem or the way we are doing things.. We urgently need new visions of a world in harmony with each other, nature and the planet… Oblique Arts presents 6 artists vision of NOW. Jamie W G Ashman, Dan Catt, Penny Sobr, Karen Kellet, Sadie Few, Beverley Carpenter,

Jamie W G Ashman

Central Saint Martins Fashion Graduate turned Contemporary Artist Jamie Ashman creates fabulous original paintings with paint and mixed media from his imagination. His style refers to classicism and modern design and looks to Art history and a world of both today and the future to express the zeitgeist of the modern age.

Dan Catt

’Time To Reflect On A Better World’
“I envisioned this piece by showing the work in two halves, to bottom half being our current state of the world, so busy, so noisy with many industries eating away at the planet. I believe and imagine that after Covid people will have a greater understanding of how to treat their neighbours and the also how to look after the place they call home no matter where they are from and what colour their skin is.”

Penny Sobr

Rewild: The Art of Returning to Nature

As our busy, technology-driven lives become more sedentary we have become less connected to our natural surroundings. In these challenging times, it is by rediscovering our links to the world around us that we can rekindle the natural, human connection we have to the wild.

Sadie Phew & Genevieve Davis

Hazmat & Covid: Moving On! Mixed media on canvas 173 x 121.5cm

© 2020 Sadie Phew –

Using the images and words of our audiences while performing the Hazmat and Covid show in Bristol town centre and parks over July and August 2020, along with inspiration from our own experiences as performers.

‘Post-Covid Utopia’ 60 x 42cm, mixed media on canvas.

© 2020 Sadie Phew –

Beverley Carpenter

My recent work around arts and ecology has focused on the search for utopia through communities who attempt to live in harmony with the earth and other species. As we move through this strange Covid-19 time of mass extinction I feel drawn to put down roots, root out seeds to plant and dig into the soil. The mexican proverb reads: “they tried to bury us.. they didn’t know we were seeds” times of oppression it becomes our time to grow, rise up and consciously create the world that we want to see..  

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