April 24th – Marbling on Paper @ Jimmy’s

Ink Marbling on paper –  with workshop facilitator’s Penny Sobr & Nat.

Its so easy and quick to create wonderful art on paper using marbling inks!
Once one guest had a go and saw the magic like effect that marbling creates, it soon becomes addictive to the visual senses and one wants to keep going and going…what if I just try this colour or move the ink with a stick like this…etc, etc ??? The possibilities are endless! …..Soon had a queue of guests wanting to have a go at dripping, dipping, swirling and shaking !!! All in the name of Art.



By Oblique Arts

Oblique Arts works with communities to deliver innovative high quality arts projects. We provide unique creative workshops and artists to work with individuals and groups to inspire and educate. We use the arts to explore important questions around sustainable futures and to encourage critical thinking and creative action in order to improve lives.

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