OA Video Film Theatre

Rewilding Cambridge

A number of artists took part in this exciting project about rewilding. From building a giant nest and creating characters, we toured a number of retailers in Cambridge who needed to hear the message, such as Primark and Tesco. A short film was made with music and information. This was supported the the Arts Council.

Hazmat & Covid’s Behind the Scenes Documentary

Bristol based absurdist clowns Hazmat & Covid, have brought colour to the streets and parks of Bristol this summer of 2020 with their socially distanced and ridiculous shows. They were joined by film-maker Alex Tabrizi both in public and behind the scenes in their private lives. The resulting film is a documentary of Hazmat & Covid’s summer antics and their tense domestic relationship.

Oblique Arts is a registered charity based in Cambridge, UK.
Charity no. 1142653