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Edgewords Launch – Jean Dark

Running list for the Launch on 12th January 2018 

Introductions from Beverley Carpenter, Jannie Brightman and Jean Dark.

Performing Haikus Medley – Group Collaboration Performance.Victor Edgewords Launch

Mill Road Day by Victor-Manuel Ibaῆez.

Speaking of Smoking by Bella Basura.

Recovery Runes by Faith.

Fiction by Munizha Ahmad-Cooke.Faith Edgewords Launch


Rainy Hearthfire by Jean Dark.

Gaia by Faith.

The Narrow Escape by Victor-Manuel Ibaῆez.Ripe Edgewords Launch

Ripe by Munizha Ahmad-Cooke (performed with Lisa Evans and Jean Dark).

The Cuckoo by Lisa Evans (Group Collaboration Performance)

Sarah Edgewords Launch

By Oblique Arts

Oblique Arts works with communities to deliver innovative high quality arts projects. We provide unique creative workshops and artists to work with individuals and groups to inspire and educate. We use the arts to explore important questions around sustainable futures and to encourage critical thinking and creative action in order to improve lives.

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