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Edgewords Launch – Jean Dark

Running list for the Launch on 12th January 2018 

Introductions from Beverley Carpenter, Jannie Brightman and Jean Dark.

Performing Haikus Medley – Group Collaboration Performance.Victor Edgewords Launch

Mill Road Day by Victor-Manuel Ibaῆez.

Speaking of Smoking by Bella Basura.

Recovery Runes by Faith.

Fiction by Munizha Ahmad-Cooke.Faith Edgewords Launch


Rainy Hearthfire by Jean Dark.

Gaia by Faith.

The Narrow Escape by Victor-Manuel Ibaῆez.Ripe Edgewords Launch

Ripe by Munizha Ahmad-Cooke (performed with Lisa Evans and Jean Dark).

The Cuckoo by Lisa Evans (Group Collaboration Performance)

Sarah Edgewords Launch

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