OA Podcast ‘Mad About’

Mad About… is a podcast created by co hosts Poppy H and Sadie P, exploring the complex journeys of mental health recovery. The show digs into personal experiences of living with various neurodivergent issues in relation to topics including therapy, medication, and hormones.

Supported by Oblique Arts, Mad About… promotes active recovery and connection through shared experience with a refreshing frankness and a much needed dash of silliness that is hard to find elsewhere.The dialogue around mental health continues to open up, with many more people feeling safe to publicly discuss issues such as depression and anxiety, but we feel the discussion needs to go deeper into the complexities! Stigma surrounding mental health is still all too present and the Mad About…team are joining in the conversation. We hope you will too 🙂

We see this as important work and want to reach out to people who may be struggling, offering support, hope and connection, so we can be the people we wish we had to listen to 15 years ago.

Series 1 of the Mad About… Podcast will consist of 6 episodes and be available on Podbean and Spotify.

For any enquiries contact mail@obliquearts.co.uk

Sadie Few Oblique Arts South West Coordinator 07841759121

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