22/05/2018 – Mono Printing with Nature @ Jimmy’s

The Guest’s at Jimmy’s loved making print’s with Nature this week with Penny Sobr and Dylan Ant Wynn from Oblique Arts.

I brought in some fern leaves and other various foliage from our garden which works a treat on my jelly plate. The delicate veins and silhouette shapes create fab patterns & texture when printed onto paper and even works on canvas!

As an added bonus, Dylan brought in some of his hand made stencils which we made into fab bird & butterfly prints! It can be like magic when pulling the paper off the jelly plate…fingers crossed for the perfect print…which isn’t easy because you need to get the right paint consistency for the perfect print.. a little too much paint and you end up with a giant smudge and too little ..well hardly any image appears.

One guy from who’d just arrived from Portugal last week was still adjusting to being back in the UK and was a little down on luck in life at present wasn’t interested in taking part but really got into making print after print once he’d tried it once…it can be additive! Always trying to get a better print!






IMG_4735.jpg XXIMG_4752 XX






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