The artists

Management & coordination:

Beverley Carpenter – Founder, Artist and Coordinator Oblique Arts. 

Beverley Carpenter is a founding member of Oblique Arts and has had an extensive career in visual art and performance prior to setting up Oblique Arts in 2007 and registering it as a charity in 2011. She has brought together a diverse range of artists and educators to deliver high quality arts in Cambridgeshire for the wider community. Her speciality is in methodologies of participation and she has worked across Europe in collaboration with musicians, scientists and young people, both in formal and non-formal education. She has a portfolio of work that includes large-scale installation in public buildings internationally and co-written publications. Beverley has held teaching positions and gained a PhD in practice-based fine art. She has trained youth workers in creative methodologies and led youth projects in the UK, which offer non-formal accredited learning opportunities. –  Website

Sarah Steenhorst – Artist, Project manager YEP! & Bright Lights and Co-coordinator Oblique Arts.

Sarah is a Dutch (community) artist and project manager who is particularly interested in the way that we can engage people from different backgrounds with artists and the arts in general. She believes art can be seen everywhere, is important to our society and can be used not only for aesthetics, but to create a social, political, and communicative impact. Sarah has a BA in Fine Arts  where she focussed on the importance of community arts and a MA in Arts Management where she researched the cultural differences during international exhibition management. Sarah has worked on several community projects with a public art outcome in the Netherlands and the UK. She is also a trustee and artist at the Cambridge Art Salon and works as a workshop assistant for Creative Movements and teaches at the Dutch School in Cambridge. (art installations) (Project with refugee children and local dutch children)

Elmira Zadissa – Project Manager HFL: Oral histories Roma and Traveller Communities in Cambridge

Elmira’s interest in arts and culture started with her engagement in social and political activism. She has co-founded different cultural organisations in her second home country Sweden (the first one being Iran) and worked with arts and culture in the voluntary sector as well as on the governmental level. In her third home country England, she is currently project manager for the Oblique Arts’ oral history project involving Traveller and English Gypsy communities.  She is in a constant state of feeling hunger, therefore, her her hobbies include eating food and eating more food. Website

Oblique Arts Officers: 

Jannie Brightman – Chairperson

Jannie Brightman has been chairperson of Oblique Arts for the past two years. Prior to this she worked creatively and organizationally with our charity for several years. Trained as a graphic designer/bookbinder Jannie has been involved in the marketing and design for high profile galleries and arts organisations in London and Cambridge. She has brought unique skills and experience to our charity and continues to develop new projects and opportunities for us.

Jill Fordham – Secretary  

Jill Fordham began working with Oblique Arts in 2014. She became a key member of our
group of artists and tutors and has a range of skills as a glass artist, tutor and project
manager. She has led innovative projects working with the most vulnerable members of
disadvantaged communities in particular. She has a PCGE level teaching qualification and has developed her teaching with hard-to- reach groups, gaining a further qualification this year (QTLS). She often uses the creative arts in teaching environments where conventional teaching methods have failed. Her work in prisons has given her unique insight into the ways in which adults and young people engage with learning using visual art as a language of communication and self-discovery. – Website

Ian Rails – Treasurer

Ian Rails has been treasurer for the past year. He began working with Oblique Arts in order to support the work of our charity and to utilise his extensive experience of finance. He has a background of funding management for Friends of the Earth and has extensive knowledge of the charity sector in Cambridgeshire.

Hilary Cox, Karen Lois Whiteread, Colin Stevens and Jan Ayton.

Associated Artists and organisations

Ant Wynn, Jordana Learmonth, Jean Dark, Dan Biggs, Sa’diah Khan, Sadie Few, Hilary Cox, Mike Freed, Fay Wright, Jill Eastland, Nick Ashworth, Kay Goodridge, Jannie Brightman, Jill Fordman, Haidee Carpenter, Karen Whitread, Mike Playle, Steve Thornton, Colin Stevens, Jane Hellings, Megan Day (Mix Bag Theatre), Karen Kellet, Idit Natan, Yesim Guzelpinar (Baltik Arts), Cambridge Art Salon.