The Artists and Management

Management & coordination:

Beverley Carpenter – Founder, Artist & Coordinator Oblique Arts. 

Beverley Carpenter is a founding member of Oblique Arts and has had an extensive career in visual art and performance prior to setting up Oblique Arts in 2007 and registering it as a charity in 2011. She has brought together a diverse range of artists and educators to deliver high quality arts in Cambridgeshire for the wider community. Her speciality is in methodologies of participation and she has worked across Europe in collaboration with musicians, scientists and young people, both in formal and non-formal education. She has a portfolio of work that includes large-scale installation in public buildings internationally and co-written publications. Beverley has held teaching positions and gained a PhD in practice-based fine art. She has trained youth workers in creative methodologies and led youth projects in the UK, which offer non-formal accredited learning opportunities. –  Website

Penny Sobr – Artist, Illustrator & Designer – Oblique Arts Secretary

Oblique Arts Officers: 

Jannie Brightman – Treasurer & Artist

Jannie Brightman has been chairperson of Oblique Arts for the past two years. Prior to this she worked creatively and organizationally with our charity for several years. Trained as a graphic designer/bookbinder Jannie has been involved in the marketing and design for high profile galleries and arts organisations in London and Cambridge. She has brought unique skills and experience to our charity and continues to develop new projects and opportunities for us.

Karen Kellett – Artist, Illustrator & Chairwoman

Chris Maughan, Petr Torak MBE and Catherine Dabrowa

Partner organisation:

Thrifts Walk Studios (Cambridge Art Salon), Cambridge County Council, COMPAS Peterborough, Museum of Cambridge, Zoology Museum, Cambridge Artworks, ARU (Anglia Ruskin University), Balik Arts, Cambridge Live, Jimmy’s Nightshelter, Foundation of Edward Storey, Wintercomfort, Junction Cambridge

Associated Artists & creative practioneers:

Dylan Wynn, Jean Dark, Dan Biggs, Sa’diaah Khan, Sadie Few, Hilary Cox, Mike Freed, Fay Wright, Jill Eastland, Nick Ashworth, Kay Goodridge, Jill Fordman, Haidee Carpenter, Karen Whitread, Mike Playle, Steve Thornton, Colin Stevens, Jane Hellings, Karen Kellet, Chris Free.