Art workshops for seniors & elderly

Working with partners including the Manor Care Home, Edward Storey and Victoria Homes in Cambridge we have provided workshops for Senior and Elderly people, including people living with dementia, sensory impairments and physical disabilities.

Come along to the Woman of Strength Exhibition by senior residents from the Foundation of Edward Storey. 

Workshops with Exhibition outcome at Edward Storey Foundation.
We are currently running 6 workshops with up to 10 elderly woman at Edward Storey Foundation where we focus on collaboration together by facilitating sensory and free creative workshops while having a cup of tea and a chat. All the works will go into a curated exhibition at the end of March.


At the second workshop we wanted to work more tactile, therefore we worked with clay to create faces for a totem pole. 


We kicked of our first workshops with some pattern & shapes painting! We absolutely loved the creativity of our participants! 


dementia friends

Oblique Arts artists have received dementia training to enable them to have an understanding of dementia and in which ways the creative arts can be used effectively to generate some amazing outcomes.

Bright Lights CB4

During our Bright Lights project we hosted workshops at Manor Care Home and Victoria Homes to create imagery for the light projections that where popping up all over Cambridge North.