24/07/2018 – Marbling on Polystyrene @ Jimmy’s


Psychedelic Marbling on Polystyrene Workshop – led by Oblique artists Penny Sobr & Dylan Wynn
Today we transported Jimmy’s back in time to the fab, hip & groovy 1960’s !! THE SUMMER OF LOVE !!  The guest’s created psychedelic marbling onto anything they could lay their hands on! Polystyrene, canvas, cloth, drink cans, cups & more ….it was amazing to see the way the colours & shapes attached themselves to an assorted array of materials!..even Dylan’s jacket and phone got a new make over in psychedelic swirls!



















By Oblique Arts

Oblique Arts works with communities to deliver innovative high quality arts projects. We provide unique creative workshops and artists to work with individuals and groups to inspire and educate. We use the arts to explore important questions around sustainable futures and to encourage critical thinking and creative action in order to improve lives.

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