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Guest Blog – Jane Conrad

This most recent guest blog posting is by Jane Conrad, a regular at our creative writing group, here Jane touches on making writing a regular practice – a theme that is familiar to many of us.

My thoughts – My ideas –
My stories – My words

I enjoyed writing as a child. I have over the years intermittently written a diary. I have written essays, newsletters, reports, press releases, brochures for school, university and work.
The flow of words
In the back of my mind I have always wanted to write not to be published but to get my thoughts, experiences and stories written down not just in the spoken word.
I have procrastinated for so long.
What is stopping me? All the excuses in the world!
I need space, discipline and more than, that words to flow. I want to create beautiful, succinct, powerful and delicate words into meaningful sentences. I want structure, shape and perfection. I want humour, seriousness, pathos and joy. I want detail, perspective, overview and closure. I need to just write. All the wordsmiths I have heard describe their approach to writing describe writing every day. They set time aside every day and write. They often have particular routines, tools, hours, schedules but they make sure they write so much each day.
Today I will start to write!
Jane Conrad

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