26/06/2018 – Creating Masks @ Jimmy’s

This week we had great fun creating masks and being quite theatrical at Jimmy’s night shelter with artist’s Penny Sobr & Dylan Wynn. We wondered whether they’d think this was too child like but the guests really entered into the spirit of playful art and loosing themselves with the process of being creative…it really made them feel happy which is a wonderful thing in these times !
One autistic guy who felt he wouldn’t be able to participate because if one thing goes wrong he has to start again & again but after a lot of encouragement he had a go and with a bit of helpful guidance he managed to complete his amazing mask to his own delight and the others at Jimmy’s…. tweet tweet !














By Oblique Arts

Oblique Arts works with communities to deliver innovative high quality arts projects. We provide unique creative workshops and artists to work with individuals and groups to inspire and educate. We use the arts to explore important questions around sustainable futures and to encourage critical thinking and creative action in order to improve lives.

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