Festival Art – Cambridge Folk Festival

For the last few years Oblique Arts has made the Art Installations for the Cambridge Folk Festival.

2018 Cambridge Folk Festival was a great year for us, we made 5 new structures and got a lot of positive feedback from festival goers! We made a spherical music sculpture which people could interact with, large umbrella flowers, large poppy seed made out of willow and rope and a new kingfisher picture board! We also upgraded the backstage area with two great illustrators painting sugar skulls on the furniture!



In 2017 the artist team had a few new and recurring faces and projects. Our newest installations where the backstage area and pallet chairs for the DEN! Our funky/ shabby chic backstage area was a great hit as the Artist, staff and VIP guests really enjoyed it! We got some great responses and people really interacted with our work during the festival. We had a lot of fun setting it all up! Also a big thank you to our volunteers this year, without them we wouldn’t be able to do it!

This included producing a number of new works especially for the festival as well as work from previous years.  For such a big event Oblique Arts put out a call for volunteers due to the size and nature of the event.