Zoom Gallery

Oblique Arts has been running Zoom Art Workshops during this past year for teens – neuro-diverse and older people. Take a look at some of the results

Teen Art

Art on Zoom for young people. The young people have really enjoyed taking part. The workshops have introduced them to new artists, ideas and techniques. Many of the young people have made friends and shared their artwork.

“I really enjoyed last week’s project – on artist Sonja Delaunay –  and finished my picture after the class. Later I played around with some filters and changed the colours”. Participant.

Neuro-Diverse Arts

Art on zoom for people with learning difficulties The group formed a strong bond and began to enjoy meeting for both the social interaction and the learning of new art skills. For many their work developed amazingly well. For one or two they would have been unable to attend physical workshops. One young woman suffers from a range of difficulties, including severe epilepsy. She has fits regularly and would not be able to travel to face to face workshops. Online she has made friends and participated enthusiastically.

“Sometimes I experience anxiety, however with this great opportunity to draw, sketch, paint or use funded materials by this charity, I have been released from my anxiety. As a result of much bereavement, Oblique Arts offers me something to look forward to, whereas beforehand, my future was seemingly depressing. So I hope that this charity will always continue for people like me who often struggle in their private lives. It is so worth it. Many Thanks”. G.S. participant

‘Young at Heart’ Artists

Art on zoom for older people facing isolation.

Many of the older people in this group have done art previously. They have delighted in the opportunity to develop their work, using artists we have introduced, for inspiration.

“It’s good to be with other people (within the government rules), chatting, not feeling alone”. E.D, participant. “I have enjoyed the stimulation of meeting new people and getting know some people I did not know before I met them – Oblique Arts started this for me”. C.J., participant..

Oblique Arts is a registered charity based in Cambridge, UK.
Charity no. 1142653