Neuro-Diverse Art Workshops

Oblique Arts has been running Art Workshops for neuro-diverse people. Take a look at some of the results

Neuro-Diverse Arts

This series of workshops and exhibition was designed for a group of people with learning difficulties The group formed a strong bond and enjoyed meeting for both the social interaction and the learning of new art skills. For many their work developed amazingly well. One young woman suffers from a range of difficulties, including severe epilepsy. Some workshops took place online and some in person. For her this was a good solution and enabled her full participation.

“Sometimes I experience anxiety, however with this great opportunity to draw, sketch, paint and to use materials by this charity, I have been released from my anxiety”. “As a result of much bereavement, Oblique Arts offers me something to look forward to, whereas beforehand, my future was seemingly depressing. So I hope that this charity will always continue for people like me who often struggle in their private lives. It is so worth it. Many Thanks”. G.S.

This project was supported by Cambridge City Council and the workshop programme was devised and led by Beverley Carpenter and Sibylle Hutter with supporting artists and volunteers.

Oblique Arts is a registered charity based in Cambridge, UK.
Charity no. 1142653