YEP! (Youth Engagement Project)

We have worked with the YEP! group since March’17, setting up and branding the
YEP! committee. During our workshops we focused on setting up the YEP! committee with 10 young people (16&17yr) from Cambridgeshire. At the workshops, we taught the young people about branding, logo design, online and offline marketing, teamwork, community art projects and active citizenship and how to get involved in volunteering projects.

YEP! group – active citizenship.
Our YEP participants will look for community engagement projects that personally
motivate them and have positive an impact in the lives of others.  Throughout this personal relationship their engagement will result in both creative, imaginative and
inspirational outcomes. The emphasis will be on the individuals to take ownership/leadership throughout the process, resulting in them building on their active citizenship within their community. Oblique Arts will be there throughout the process, to support, guide and inspire them to feel confident in their abilities to create this and more on-going community engagement projects.

YEP! group as key ‘Youth Proofers’
The YEP! group will form themselves into a well branded and marketed group who will have unique skills and services to offer to business and community partners. The young people have already developed some skills with website design and marketing using different media platforms. We would expect to enable the group to build upon these skills in order to offer a service whereby businesses may easily find the group and invite the group to assess provision for young people in particular.

Young people will form meaningful relationships with various businesses and community groups. They will take part in visits, learning experiences and community events organised by community partners. They will eventually be able to support events and provide feedback platforms for audiences to use both on and offline.

YEP – Sugar Smart Campaign
Our yep Members are currently working towards a video for Cambridge Sustainable food to create a video for Jamie Oliver’s SugarSmart campaign. They are developing the story of Glucose George, who shows us what sugar does to our bodies!


If you would like to work or get involved with YEP! please don’t hesitate to contact us

For more information about YEP! please see their website:

YEP! is set up in partnership with the Cambridgeshire County Council & Cambridge Junction.

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