Art Raft Waste Reduction Campaign at Strawberry Fair 2017

Art Raft Waste Reduction Campaign: Reminding us about our rubbish. “One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure” How much we throw away. The Arts Raft was intended to inspire a rethink about surplus foods and containers with recipe ideas and inventive designs. A fun feature was the pirate theme. Find the treasure by using rubbish!!

The stand was decorated with reworked plastic bottles and lids. Imagine the endless ideas of what you can make with your empty plastic bottles? Flowers, pirate treasure, hats and anything else you can imagine. Save money and have fun making things. Imagine what you can make with a good recipe and food you might have thrown away. The stand had a busy day and visitors were inspired by the recipe and spare food packs. We hope they carry on with their good intentions. Waste not – want less.

This project was led by Oblique Arts team members Ant Dylan Wynn and Jordana Learmonth. In collaboration with Salisbury’s Waste Less, Save More Campaign, Cambridge Sustainable Food Network and Cambridge Food Cycle.