Bright Lights CB4

We are pleased to celebrate the award from the Cambridge City Council Section 106 area grant funding to enable this exciting project. The funding will allow us to engage with the community of CB4 together with visitors and audiences of events such as E-Luminate Festival. We are particularly keen to engage with key community groups, especially those who target disadvantaged individuals.

We will create moving projections on various building in the CB4 area representing the community groups that contribute to public life in this area.

We wish to bring high quality artwork to a wide audience while being inclusive. It is important to us that the positive changes of the area include representation (voices and images) from those who often lack access to the arts and other cultural activities.

cambridge artworks bright lights 1

We are currently running workshops with:
Winter Comfort
Cambridge Manor Care Home
Victoria Homes
Rowan Arts Centre

Manor care home Bright Lights

The artworks will potentially be accessible to tens of thousands members of the public, who will see the projections over the five month presentation period. The projected material will feed into the wider Cambridge City programme of activities. This will result in raising the profile of both local artists and the community groups.